About Us


Gastro MD is majority-owned and clinically governed by practicing gastroenterologists.

Gastro MD was founded by physicians and seasoned healthcare executives to bridge the gap between clinical and business excellence. Our platform is designed to allow providers to participate as meaningful stakeholders and ensure they are the greatest beneficiary of the growth of their practice.


Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with and support leading gastroenterology practices who share a common pursuit for better patient outcomes through advanced procedures and personal care.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a community of cutting-edge clinical practices that, through a fully-integrated service model, sets the standard in care delivery for all aspects of digestive health.


Alex Harrell

Vice President of Operations, Orlando Division

Lisa Llorente

Financial Controller

Gastro MD

Vanita Sahadeo

Revenue Cycle Manager

Gastro MD

Crystal Winkler

Vice President of Human Resources

Gastro MD

Julie Lewis

Vice President of Surgical Services


Jamie Barber

Director of Operations, Tampa Bay Division